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Claim to Fame

Nanna Marie Wibholm

Laura Larraz

Mary Cvahte

Amalie Gabel

If You can dream it You can do it! Being an Artist is no easy game but dreaming of being an Artist is even more difficult. Hence the journey towards the Art of Life must go beyond. We can do it!
First of all You must dig deep to discover the core of Your Creative Soul. Next You buy what it takes. Then You manifest The Work. Until You realize that producing The Form is only a tiny, tiny, tiny part of Being An Artist of Life.
So you start producing Yourself in the Image of Your Artist Life. Moment-To-Moment, Growing Selfie Seeds, Moment-To-Instagram, Free Flyers, Expressive Websites, Impressive Business Cards.
And even still - We just have Someone surrounded now not only of Ideas but of Things. Lots and lots of Things! But remember, Everybody chases Dreams so wherever You go, don’t go slow!
The next step is selling Yourself to sell Your Work.
And Now it is Time to Transcend to The Step of Using those Golden T-shirts and Toys and Impressive Business Cards which is where We Enter.
(Or some Professional Self-Optimizing and Up-cooling Coach)
This is called the Step of THE OPENING. The Celebration of Work well done. Sometimes the Celebration of Hard Work. The celebration of Oneself and The Other, Each Other and sometimes (if wearing the right t-shirt) Strangers.
We are looking forward To See You there to figure out the Next Step Together.
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